International Students Travel Checklist

International Students Travel Checklist

I hope you are very excited to fly on your dream study destination. Looking for student travel checklist? if yes, you are in right place. Here I am describing the things you consider before the flight. If you are not aware of to choose the best study destination for you. Accordingly, which English proficiency test is your first preference? How long you will get PSW in Australia and New Zealand and other countries? Even entry requirements of different countries. Also the Scholarship in Australia. Then click on the above blue topic or go through our page to get various information regarding Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, Europe and many other countries.

We are trying to act normally after the 9 months of lockdown in Nepal. Similarly many countries in the world were suffering from the lockdown and partially still some cities are in lockdown. Some countries have started the border to other nationalities are some are still in the process to open it. If you are travelling to abroad make sure you have to visit their site and get the latest update regarding your travelling. Is it opened for you or still you are in a restriction to flight? Nowadays most of the countries required your covid Negative report within 24 hours to last 72 hours.

Besides the current Covid scenario Students requirements may vary by your age, sex, and your day to day life.  This travel checklist for international students might become your packing guide. Because here I am going to explain these factor which you can not overlook, If you do so you might be in trouble in the coming future.


Weather comes in first place in your travel checklist. Every country has different weather or season in a different month. It does not mean that all of the cities have similar weather at a time. Surprises, In Nepal we found similar weather in different cities as in November-December every part of Nepal are wet and people are feeling cold it means it is winter now. Suppose if you are flying to Brisbane and you brought your daily needs, clothes and other material for Winter it might not be the good decision. Because in Brisbane December to February called a Summer season where you will feel hot to very hot temperature. Make sure the weather of your destination before step out.


As we have Nepalese Rupees different countries adopted their own currency system. If you are fling to London better you exchange Nepalese rupee to the Pound sterling. I have seen that many Nepalese students exchange with USD because it is easily available in Nepalese bank and can exchange later easily. Due to the multiple exchanging, you will pay a higher amount than its actual cost. Now Nepal government have tightened their rule to buy foreign currency up to USD 1500. Make a plan for it before the exchange.


Do you know many countries are restricted to carry cooked food from other countries, All these things which do not have a label on it? Some medicine without doctor prescription also restricted to carry. if you are taking medicine and do not carry your doctor prescription while travelling maybe take you to the trouble. Also, some herbal product is not allowed to carry to other countries, Tobacco restricted in many countries. Please visit the respected country border and find out the allowing and restriction things to carry before backpack.


As a Nepalese student travelling to another county may go through the transit in one, two or more point. You have to aware of your ticket price, its travel duration, transit time and duration,  Your luggage size and the weight allowed to carry. Mainly I have seen some Airline have a different facility in transit and their luggage carry in that transited airport. Some offer you to carry your baggage and some offer you to receive your baggage in the final destination. It may be hard to handle your luggage at every transit point. That is why make sure before confirming your travel ticket.

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