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A Brief About Country

Canada is one of the technologically advanced countries in the world. In fact, it is one of the most preferred country for students who are seeking standard education with affordable tuition fees as well as lifestyle in comparison to Australia, United Kingdom, USA etc. According to Times Higher Education’s World University Ranking 2020 for about, 30 Canadian Universities are counted among the best in the world. Canadian credentials and work experiences are valued everywhere in the world.

Why Study in Canada?

Canada being a multilingual country is one of the popular study destination among international students. It is one of country with excellence in living standard. Because of lowest crime rate Canada is known as the safest country. The country is adored for welcoming environment as well as ensures the people’s tradition, customs are maintained and their dignities are respected.

Whether you study at Toronto, Ontario, Vancouver, Quebec etc.  Canadian university offers variety of undergraduate courses such as; engineering, hospitality management, information technology, business management, health and medicine etc.  Regarding post graduate course you can study law or medicine, business and management, dentistry, engineering, public health, social work, biotechnology, nursing and midwifery.  Canadian education focuses on research and development in several courses such as; information and communication technologies, clinical medicines, geography, sociology, etc. accordingly. For those students who does not meet the entry requirements of any program will have to study one-year foundation course that is usually taken before starting the university programs.

University programmes are generally organized with advanced lectures which includes group works, assignments, project works and workshops. Therefore, studying at a Canadian university will be a lifetime experience for those who wants to explore beyond the classroom. The universities of Canada provide scholarship facility to international students that helps them to ease their financial cost. However, the scholarships are limited and highly competitive which are provided to the post graduate students or eligible students.Living abroad will uncover international student’s strengths and weakness. You may live in the university, host family or with friends.


Step 1


Step 2

Apply to University

Step 3

Apply for Student Visa

Step 4

Immigration Formalities

Process Explained

Step-1: Understanding the requirements of College/ University

Before applying to university you should understand courses they offer, analyse rules and regulations applicable to study permit application, updated passport, academic credentials, proficiency language test with minimum bands/grades, statement of purpose, work experience, recommendation letters, proof that you can finance your study with cost of living in country.


Step-2: Apply to University

Here, you should apply in shortlisted universities and make sure you provide accurate information with document evidence. While you submit them that might not cost the application fee or may cost $100-$250. Now, you have to wait until you receive your letter of acceptance.


Step-3: Apply for student visa

Once you receive the letter of acceptance letter from university apply for visa application centre or online. Your application should be companied by acceptance letter, passport, adequate financial documents to study in Canada.  

Step-4: Immigration Formalities

After the application has been processed, interview will be conducted. According to your interview, after reviewing the documents immigration officer will decide the visa to be accepted or not. If you receive your permit you will receive a start date. Before that date you won’t be permitted to Canada. Immigration officer will verify your permit and documents at port entry before an entry to Canada.

Document Check List

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