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Studying Abroad
Is Now Easy

We are Best Education Consultancy in Nepal. We connect thousands of students with hundreds of universities to help them make perfect career choices.

The way we work,
We Are The Best in the

Global Hub Educational Network aka GHEN was established in 2018 with the sole objective of becoming the “most trusted education and career advisors”


Study Abroad Services

Standardized Tests

Career Consulting

Admission Applications

Documents & Visa Processing

Accommodation & Support

We are known for....


We know how you need to run fast to win. Deadlines will not bother you while working with us. Simply say no to deadlines.


We know a good reputation is build with the professionalism which enforce us to make sure our staffs are professional and discipline.


We are in the business for several years and we know what works and what doesn't in the real-world which helps us deliver the best services.


Thousands of students and hundreds of education providers have trusted us.

We love What we Do

And Helping To Succeed

  • Research

    Foremost, we evaluate student's profile and research the best institution and courses in desired country.

  • Process

    Once student finalize the best option, our certified professionals will process application in seamless manner.

  • Placement

    We take care of thing like pre-departure trainings, accommodation and enrollment.


Our Happy Clients!

"My experience at global hub has been very fulfilling. They delivered what they promised for me and more. The staff are cordial and helpful. I recommend every Freshers to at least visit the office and get to know the things with members."
Nischal Subedi
It is one of the best consultancies I have ever visited. With its friendly environment and polite staffs, and its transparency impressed me a lot. I would like to recommend to all those students in this consultancy who are planning to go abroad.
Muna Shrestha
Global Hub educational network is the best institute that i have ever seen. This institute really help all the students to become more clear about IELTS and SAT too and also help to get a visa. Thank you very much, Global Hub😘😘😘💕💕
Sima Gautam
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