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A Brief About Australia

There are endless choices available when choosing another country to study. Students have to select another country as study destination considering their needs and interests. After USA and UK, Australia is the third popular destination option for the international students. Australia provides world’s best education system which is recognizable in any part of the world.

Why Study in Australia?

Tuition Fees

for Tuition fees: Affordable tuition fees in higly ranking University.


Offers Various bursary, Australia Award Scholarship, Destination Australia Scholarship and many more upto 100%

Post Study Work Visa

Upto 4 years of Post study work visa after completion of your higher education in Australia.

Australia is sought and chosen by many international students for some important reasons. Australian universities provide excellent education system which is globally recognized by the employers. Australian Universities offer a broad range of courses and degree where students can select degrees according to their interest. Universities offer practical and career oriented courses which will help to develop skills in to meet today’s industry needs. Likewise, they can effortlessly change from one institution to another and move between qualification level. Australian Universities are offering more scholarships on the merit basis to the international students compared to USA and UK. Also, tuition fees and living costs is considerably lower compared to the USA and UK. Due to these reasons, Australia has become growing study destination among international students.


Further, Australia is very safe and multi-cultural country where international students are gladly accepted.

The diverse nature of Australian society has been taking great care of international students in various level. International student will able to collect worldly knowledge through exchange of various cultures. Low crime rate and gun shot in Australia has made a very safest study environment for the international student. Moreover, Australia has adopted new advanced technologies and innovation at a faster rate than any other countries; due to this, students can take advantage of remarkable technology through world-class teaching and research facilities. Most importantly, Australian government has set up Australian Quality Training Framework to provide quality education and tuition fees protection at the international level through ESOS.

Process Explained ​

Step 1

Apply For Offer

Step 2

Meet GTE Requirements

Step 3

Pay Tuition Fees

Step 4

Apply For Visa

First of all, students apply to the interested course in the chosen university to get offer letter. Documents such as copy of academic documents, IELTS/PTE score and Passport should be provided to apply in the chosen university. Also, Statement of Purpose (SOP) should be written which is a personal statement specifying about yourself, academic interests and future plans.


Next is the university will go through the application and issue offer letter after meeting the requirements of the course that has been selected. Afterwards, student has to prepare financial documents to meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirements. Once the student successfully meets the GTE requirements and passes the interview, the university will approve GTE.


Thirdly, after approval of GTE, student makes fee payment to the university as per indicated in the offer letter. A copy of fee payment receipt should be provided to the university and then, the university will provide Confirmation of Enrollment (COE) Letter.


Finally, after receiving Confirmation of Enrollment (COE) Letter, the student will check COE letter if in case any information is incorrect. The student will go for the visa lodge by filled up online Subclass 500-student visa application form.


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