How to choose a career after class 12th

Courses After Grade 12

Have you completed your grade 12 exam? What next? What will be the best courses for you? Do you allow to enrol in your desired subject within Nepal or on abroad? Bundles of questions? Then we are here for you. If you have a plan to do something in Nepal that is good. But if you want to gain abroad degree. Also, want to implement your knowledge and skill in Nepal or any other third country? then this blog may become your assistant.

Now we can see many of you are roaming around the college, tuition centres and educational consultancy. Of course, you are here and there to determine your right career path. If you arrive in conclusion to fly abroad for your further study but not yet decide which country is best for you then click on my blog. Many of us are little aware of the Educational system in Australia, UK, USA, Canada, New Zeland And Europe. They have different entry requirements and prerequisites by your course and graduate level. Also, Nepal government not issuing NOC for many countries, your desired Subject and your course duration. Have you aware of these things?

In Nepal, After Class 10 which is known as  Secondary Education Examination (SEE), we have mainly four-stream in Nepal Education Board (NEB) previously known for the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB). Which is known for Science, Management, Education and last but not the least Humanities.


If you have completed your grade 12 in Science stream you have huge options available like you can pursue your further education in Engineering, Information Technology, Medical science, Nursing, Public Health, Environmental science, Agriculture, Food and Nutrition and so on. Even you can move to other fields like Education, Business or Humanities related courses etc. It does not mean that every student can easily qualified for their future course. Because your university or countries had set the entry requirements and prerequisites of your program.

An example IF you want to enrol in Bachelor of Civil engineering most of the university and countries look for your Math, Physics, Chemistry subject on grade 12 with a minimum of 2.8 GPA or above. Eventually, your goal is to become a registered nurse then make sure had Biology on your grade 12. I have seen many students who have biology but they do not carry their extra math with them they be in trouble to get NOC from Nepal Education depart. But they can go on the Bachelor of an information system or Bachelor of business information system.


After Grade 12, It is obvious that you are interested in the managerial and administrative task and your goal to become a decision-maker in big companies or to become an entrepreneur. It does not mean that you can pursue your further education in management only you have options to choose leadership, some education-related faculty, Humanities, Hospitality, travel and tourism and some of you can go for Information technology course. Most of the university and countries set their entry requirements for Bachelor of Information technology who has Math and computer science in Business stream.

Grade 12 Humanities

Humanities are also popular across Nepal and the whole world by Arts. By name, Arts has variables option you to choose you can go for Media, Design, Journalism, Social work, Audio, Video, fine arts, Music, Mass communication, animation and law etc. As mentioned above all of you can not pursue your further education without prerequisites. If you want to pursue your further education in Bachelor of Media? then, may you require a minimum of 2.8 GPA in grade 12 with some media or journalism-related course.


Because of our teacher, We are here reading and writing these blogs. What we are understanding all credit goes to our teacher. So the most respective faculties of mine are Education. You can go further in Education Industries, Education management, Early childhood education, TESOL, Leadership management. Here you may require more GPA in Grade 12 and English ability to enrol on the specific course. Make sure you have visited your desired county immigration requirement.

Also, visit Nepal government Ministry of Education and confirmed that they are issuing NOC for your desired country and intended course.

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